Mel Trotter


Mel specialises in Risk and Change Management. He has advised companies in the UK, USA, Caribbean and Middle East where he was a long term resident. His work in the UK public sector has led to innovative Management Mentoring programmes in education and health. He is a former captain with Saudi Aramco and executive of Gulf Air, and speaks extensively on multi-culturalism in international organisations.  Clients include airlines, the health sector, newspapers, oil companies and police forces facing organisational change.

Ray Barruffo

Ray spent 35 years as a member of senior management at Shell International. His last role as Organisational Development Manager for Shell took him on assignments to Europe, South East Asia, the Middle East and South America where he worked in areas of quality management and leadership. He has commercial experience in contracting, procurement and supply chain management. Ray specialises in people development and organisational change.

Howard Jordan

Howard’s early management experience was in Marketing Research, which led to a

corporate strategic planning role. During time with British Gas he held a number of senior

management roles in Sales, including wide ranging Project Management assignments. He

managed the rollout of a major restructuring initiative to focus on the needs of a customer

centred service industry and raise service delivery standards. Howard specialises in

project management training.

Dr Fiona Beddoes-Jones

Fiona is a business psychologist, highly experienced trainer and development consultant. She is also the author of the psychometrics Thinking Styles and Cognitive Team Roles as well as the diagnostic instruments Think Smart and Congnitive Gap Analysis. Fiona has tremendous expertise in understanding how individuals' thinking preferences drive their behaviour and the impact these preferences have on their motivation, values and relationships at work.